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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Black Ops Map Pack

I'm going to stray from the normal Belizian blog and rant about CoD for a moment.  Let me start off by saying that the new map pack is all about Stadium.  Everyone loves it, and everyone votes for it every time.  I like the map, but I don't like it every game.  If you're a baller like me, you run CoD and often get choppen gunners in shit.  I am having terrible luck using them on this map because the stadium blocks a good portion of the map when you are flying over it, and everyone fucking hides inside.  Otherwise, the map is decent, its just voted for too often. 
Berlin wall.  Fuck this map. I hate it so much.  I can't stand having to run through the center of the map and getting shit on, or having to run all the way around the map, to try and get to the other side.  The middle passage is just a fucking grenade fest and I can't stand it.  This map is also bringing back the campers who sit on the second story of a building and snipe out the window.  Pussies.
Kowloon.  I actually like this map.  It doesn't get played too often, and controlling the center building is relatively easy.  The ziplines were fun for awhile because idiots go on them just for fun and you get a free kill out of it, now they are rarely used at all.  I like art and design of this map too.  It actually captures the feeling of sneaking through a city from building to building with all the side entrances, alleys and windows. Attack dogs rape on this map too. Most of the map is fairly close quarters so randoms don't have time to shoot you dog down.
Discovery.  I haven't played this map too many times yet, so I have nothing to complain about.  It seems like more of a 2 sided objective type of map than a deathmatch map though.  The game of deathmatch I had on it wasn't very fun.
I know a ton of you guys must be CoD players.  What are your thoughts on the maps?


  1. i agree wholeheartedly, stadium is boss as hell. i almost get tired of it because EVERYONE wants to play it.

  2. Thanks for the map pack rundown. I don't personally like Black Ops, but 2 decent maps doesn't make the map pack worth it for me.

  3. I need to get on this map pack shit.

  4. i need to get black op lol still playin counterstrike

  5. im bored to the max with black ops, only zombies is keeping me entertained for a bit

  6. Black Ops is running dry with me. I'm just waiting for killzone 3 or BF3 at this point.

  7. Still waiting to buy the new maps, thanks for the review. Hoping the new zombies map will be good.