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People Who Love Belize

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Belize Part 3

A few days into the trip we ran low on water and headed to the city.  We took the boat back to San Pedro.  It was very ghetto compared to the US.  The buildings where in terrible shape, the roads were barely cobblestone, trash everywhere.  It didn't seem like a very safe place to be alone or at night.  No one had cars either.  A few people drove around on golf carts, otherwise you were on a rusty bike or walking.  I walked around in a small group and explored some of the local shops. The prices were very different from what I expected.  Alcohol was very very cheap, and food was expensive.  Well, none local food.  They had stuff we would see in the US, like coke, candy, pringles, but all of that was expensive. Alcohol and local food was extremely cheap.

Most of the restaurants tried to lure us in by offering free rum drinks.  The local cigar shop lured us in by offering free shots.  The internet cafe was the closest thing to civilization I had seen in almost a week. There were street signs sometimes to help you get around, but they weren't really helpful. 

If you asked for directions, the local would point in a direction and tell you to walk for an arbitrary amount of time. It was best to just wander until you found what you wanted.  I'll start a new blog to talk about shark ray alley.


  1. Haha! I love how it says Los Angeles on the bottom of the sign

  2. Wow it seems like a fascinating place.

  3. lured by free rum drinks and free shots ... they seem to be very friendly in San Pedro :D

  4. seems real fun and reminds me of my trip to guatemala XD