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People Who Love Belize

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Belize Part 1

Went on a trip to Belize with some friends a few weeks ago.  It was incredible.  We flew out of Maimi into Belize City.  From Belize City we took a water taxi to San Pedro.  The ride was about 1.5 hours.  From San Pedro we got onto a smaller boat, and traveled up north for another 14 miles.  The boat dropped us off on a beach late at night.  As soon as we got there, we saw a bar.  Being college students, we headed over right away.  The bar was on a deck above the ocean, and there were lights on in the water.  Small fish were accumulating around the lights, and big fish were going after the small fish.  So obviously we put on our snorkel gear and hopped in. 
Living conditions were rough.  Wooden shack, shared a room with 9 people, all in bunk beds.  We shared one bathroom with one working shower and two toilets.  The shower was literally a PVC pipe with a valve.  Turn the valve and water falls on you.  There was no real plumbing, just a huge barrel outside that collected rainwater. 

The first morning we woke up all excited.  The view was beautiful.  We had the beach to ourselves, and there were miles of reef to explore.  We ate early, then went out the boat for our first snorkel.  More to come later.  Headed to class, here are some pics:


  1. was the beer any good? cool pix btw

  2. Beautiful oceans. I live in LA where the oceans look like crap lol.